2016 Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorees Inducted
2016 Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorees Inducted

On Nov. 9, 2016, the Creighton University College of Professional Studies hosted the Alpha Sigma Lambda induction ceremony to honor the organization’s 2016 inductees.

Creighton University established the Nu Tau Epsilon Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society in 2014. Criteria to become an inducted member include: an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher; completion of at least 24 credit hours at Creighton University; and ranking in the top 20% of the College’s student body.

This year’s 2016 Alpha Sigma Lambda Inductees include:

  • Amber M. Borchers, Philosophy major
  • Dana Joy Borman, Healthy Lifestyle Management major
  • Joshua John Cantrell, Leadership major
  • Shannon N. Cooney, Psychology and Economics major
  • Jacquelene S. Cota, Healthy Lifestyle Management major
  • Jessica R. Cvejic, Leadership major
  • John Charles Denne, Leadership major
  • Maria A. Dorman, Leadership major
  • Caine Thomas Dufrene, Leadership major
  • Renner Charles Fujiwara, Accounting major
  • Derek R. Horton, Leadership major
  • Lisamarie Hugo, Health Administration and Policy major
  • Savannah Rose Light, Leadership major
  • Teresa Amaranta Matibag, Healthy Lifestyle Management major
  • Monica G. Maxwell, Studio Art major
  • Carol McCabe, Graphic Design major
  • B Dau Nan, Elementary Education major
  • Bethany J. Schmidt, Dental Hygiene major
  • Mollie M. Slaven, Healthy Lifestyle Management major
  • Nancy J. Stava, Leadership major
  • Scott Vincent Sutera, Leadership major

In addition to student members, the chapter has selected several Honorary members for their support of the College of Professional Studies. In 2014, honorary members included the former and current dΩeans of University College (now the College of Professional Studies), including Dean Gail M. Jensen, PhD, PT, FAPTA, as well as many College of Professional Studies faculty, staff and alumni. In 2015, Creighton University President the Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ, was the honorary inductee for his ongoing and unwavering support of the College. In 2016, there was no honorary inductee.

We congratulate the 2016 inductees, who embody Creighton University’s mission, Jesuit values and dedication to higher learning.

Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society

Founded in 1945 by Dr. Rollin B. Posey, Dean of University College at Northwestern University, Alpha Sigma Lambda honors dedicated adult students who, while handling the varied responsibilities of life in addition to the demands of school, achieve and maintain high scholastic standards. The Society stands as an inspiration for continuing scholastic growth and signifies the University’s appreciation for adult students’ academic achievements and many contributions. With over 300 chapters, including 11 chapters at Jesuit institutions, Alpha Sigma Lambda is the oldest and also the largest chapter-based honor society for full- and part-time students.