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When you pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) at Creighton and choose to concentrate in business intelligence and analytics (BIA), you’ll be prepared for a career in all areas of information management. Creighton’s bachelor’s program in business intelligence combines fundamental technical concepts of computer-based processing systems with a broad consideration of the issues associated with the design and management of these systems.

Within the BIA program, you’ll have the option of customizing your schedule to suit your interests and career objectives. Substitution for BIA courses can be made with the approval from the major advisor and department chair.

Applied Information Technology Minor

The applied information technology minor provides you with an understanding of IT concepts, their application and value creation through the use of technology and information systems. You’ll learn about data management, analysis and design of system, data communication concepts, and other related IT topics. This minor is only available to students who are not in the College of Business.


The average starting salary for a 2020 Creighton graduate in business intelligence and analytics was $60,000. Creighton’s business intelligence and analytics graduates are generally employed in career tracks leading toward positions in systems analysis and design, programming, database administration, Web strategy, network administration and consulting.

Increased technology usage in business has caused an explosion in job opportunities for graduates. The U.S. Department of Labor consistently lists information technology jobs among the top five fastest growing fields.


  • Business Analytics Track
  • Digital Media and Design Track
  • Information Technology Track

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What You'll Learn

  • The fundamental concepts of business information processing systems
  • To apply business ethics and leadership skills
  • Information gathering and process improvement techniques
  • To analyze financial and other data, including revenue, expenditure and employment reports
  • To develop solutions or alternative practices
  • How to recommend new systems, procedures or organizational changes
  • The best practices for driving business decisions with data and analysis


Student Organizations

  • Alpha Kappa Psi: Business

    Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest business fraternity. Become a part of a group that develops well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, experienced business leaders.

  • CU Heider Business Senate

    The Creighton University Heider Business Senate is a liaison between the student body and the administration of the Heider College of Business. The Senate promotes the mission and values of the Heider College of Business through various projects.

  • Beta Gamma Sigma: Business

    This society encourages and rewards scholarship and accomplishment among students of commerce and business administration. Beta Gamma Sigma promotes the advancement of education in the art and science of business and fosters integrity in the conduct of business activities.


Business Career Programs

We take your success seriously at Creighton. So seriously that we have designed our Career Portfolio Program around your success as both a student and a professional. Our integrated philosophy of incorporating a balanced, hands-on learning experience with emphasis on ethics and service to others means that as a Creighton graduate, you will have the freedom, conscience, commitment and opportunity to do the right thing extremely well.

More than 90% of business students complete at least one internship during their college career. Internships are an excellent way to “sample” jobs that might become your career focus. Interns gain real world skills that strengthen their qualifications and give them a competitive edge when applying for full-time jobs later.

Previous business intelligence students have obtained internships at:

  • Cerner Corporation
  • General Electric
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Honeywell

Ricketts Center

The Ricketts Center promotes information technology (IT) education and builds bridges with the business community. The Ricketts Center supports the bachelor’s program in business intelligence and analytics.

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