Jenna Mucci
Jenna Mucci

Jenna Mucci

Elementary Education

Between shifts of brewing up lattes as a barista, Jenna Mucci pursues her biology degree. A new student who started in the fall at Creighton, Mucci said she always loved science. “I decided to go for it – go big – and go into biology and probably do research,” she says. 

Before Creighton, she served in the military. On the younger side of adult learners, 23-year-old Mucci started basic training in the military in July 2009 after graduating from high school in Corning, Calif. Mucci’s five years of service allowed her to take advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, as well as the Yellow Ribbon Program. And her background translated into several transfer credits. “It’s great to have some of those credits already there,” she says.   

Managing the challenges of school and her job keep her busy, but she makes it work. “Juggling work and school is always a challenge because school has ever-changing demands, but I always know when I need to do school work and try my best while doing it,” she says. “My husband plays a big role in normalizing my home life while I am running between school and work.”

Although she did not grow up in a religious household, she’s already read up on Ignatian values and noticed how the professors implement them. “I’ve noticed the Ignatian values already,” says Mucci, “and I’ve only been here for half a semester.” 

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