Ron Fergeson
Ron Fergeson

Ron Fergeson

Elementary Education
Class of 2016

Ron Fergeson says he didn’t pick kindergarten, but kindergarten picked him. When he was taking an education course while in the Army, he went in uniform to observe a kindergarten class and within five minutes of being around the students, he knew he belonged there. Now he’s close to achieving his goal of teaching.   

After 26 years in the military with the first 13 as a cavalry scout and the second as a career counselor, the Harley-riding 46-year-old Omaha native was going to earn his education degree at a public university. But when he found out how long it would take, he checked out Creighton. He learned he could cut a year off of his studies.

“I’m honored to go to Creighton,” says Fergeson. “I’ve always held Creighton in high reverence.” When he was about kindergarten age, he’d drive past Creighton with his grandparents and think that Creighton is the place to go. He’ll graduate in May 2016.        

While in the Army, Fergeson attended 10 different schools, ultimately getting a general studies associates degree. He’s noticed Creighton is different.

“The big difference is the personal attention to details Creighton provides to the students,” he says. “They are genuinely concerned about the student’s success and how they’re doing. It’s not a cattle drive.”

One challenge, however, is technology. He found the technological aspect a bit daunting because the traditional students have so much more experience with it. He referenced a computer technology course that was fast-paced for him.

“‘Hey, you’re going at warp speed, and I don’t have the engine started yet,’” he would be thinking about the class, which wasn’t as challenging for the traditional students since they grew up with cell phones and the Internet.   

Fergeson enjoys debating with the traditional students and his time with the adult learners. And he’s on pace to fulfill that other classroom dream – to educate the next generation as a kindergarten teacher.